The performance of major league umpires became an issue in 1998, as the major media and the Cyberzahm critics questioned the ability of the men in blue.

I did not save all the email we generated on this topic, but I do have Gabes' commentary and Andy's reply. Andy, of course, is one of Cyberzahm's own, who also proudly wears his umpire uniform and defends his fellow umpires. I think its great that Andy has pursued his interest in baseball to such an extreme that he now umpires numerous games at several levels every summer. Shame on the rest of the Cyberzahm crowd for giving him such a hard time, as they sit on their asses on the sidelines, critiquing men whose facemasks they don't deserve to spit polish, while Andy and his comrades toil in the trenches. I for one am awed by Andy's accomplishments, epitomized by the following photo of that proud day when he graduated from Umpire School: