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Fearless Football Predictions Winner

Posted: 2010-12-31

The results are in -- the 2010 winner of the Fearless Football Prediction Contest is none other than the Red Fox. His soundly conceived and not too koolaidy optimistic projections, made back in late August, were dead on in terms of overall record and were also fairly close in terms of how the season progressed, i.e. an uneven start with a strong finish. This year's fantastic prize includes several ...

... bottles of good red wine brought back from Italy personally by the contest committee, two cases of Sam Smith's Winter Welcome ale, and a free trip this Spring to Dallas, Texas.

This is the same Red Fox who won this year's Cyberzahm Roto Baseball and Roto Golf crowns. We managed to find the gracious, humble Mr. Fox in his secluded abode in the hills of Eastern PA and he was kind enough to answer a few questions:

How does it feel to complete the trifecta of Cyberzahm in 2010?

"No big deal. Anyone with half a brain can win these things."

But certainly it takes a bit of luck. As recently stated by the Golf ICC "As always in roto sports, it will come down to who has the great years and who stays healthy." You agree with Commissioner Asshole don't you?

"Listen pal, there's a reason he's called Commissioner Asshole. These things have nothing to do with luck. He's just attempting to assuage his own ineptitude. Did you see the golf team he just drafted? Tiger who? Charley the Turd at pick 49? Puhleeze. There is no luck involved at all."

Can you clarify what you are saying?

"Foxes rule, everyone else drools. Luck my ass. The only one of our pools that requires luck is Albert's College Bowl pool. I mean, look at the people who have led that pool in recent years. Add all of the IQs together and you still come up a couple, touchdowns short of 100. Andy won it one year and I think Johnny GoodWorm won it one time also. I rest my case."

Any closing comments sir?

"Where's my beer and wine?"

And there you have it folks. Happy New Year to all .. and best of luck this coming year!!!!!