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Fearless Football Predictions

Posted: 2010-09-01

Here they are! Each of these fearless predictions was made before the 2010 season started. Of course, these are predictions only .. not what we hope for but what we believe will happen. Twelve bold predictions - fact is there is not that much variation in these - looks like almost everyone is cautiously optimistic - still, only one will be judged the best! Who will win the coveted first place prize?

The original challenge:

Here ye here ye, one and all.

Announcing Fox's 4nd annual ND season prediction contest.

Are you man enough to enter? .. confident in your prognostication prowess? ..

So, don't be strangled by complacency, just send, by September 3rd, directly to me, a single paragraph of no more than 300 words with your prediction for the upcoming season. I'll post them for all to admire on the CZ News Site.

Come the end of the season a set of impartial judges will evaluate all the entries based on a weighted scale that includes entertainment value ("Gabes will be calling for the coaches ass by the end of September"), accuracy ("they will lose badly to Mich State, lose a squeaker to USC, and win the rest of the games by an average of 4 points"), grammar and spelling ([not] "season be it good and vary happy winnings"), boldness ([not] "they will win every game in which they score more points than the other team") and just how all around good they are or should I say were. The winner will get a really amazing, yet so far undetermined, prize and will be featured on CyberZahm News!



PS Just a little hint .. Gabes is predicting no worse than 6 - 6.


The schedule is not so scary. Look at all those home games. Then again .. small but tough road schedule.

I certainly think we are headed in the right direction. Like what I hear about the new coach.

But not sure the personel are there .. sure there are some big names and lots of good athletes, but every team has good atheletes. There is still the issue that these are just kids and that they are under a lot of pressure both on and off the field.

I say by Oct 10 we are probably 3 and 3 ... maybe 2 and 4. And I predict that Gabes will be OK because we will be in the games we lose and it is too early to jump ship.

We then hit the weak part of the schedule at about the time the team begins to find its rythym and we reel off 5 straight victories and at worst 4 and 1.

USC is a tough call. I am hoping they have fallen apart by late November .. but don't think those kids on that team are idiots and losers. There is a reason they were recruited by USC and I don't think this Irish team can win there .. maybe two years from now. We lose .. its not close but not embarassing.

Bottom line .... 7 wins, 5 losses, hold our heads high.



Just look at the schedule:

Home Games

Purdue--Home opener; lots of excitement; I can see a blow out win. After all, this isn't the Purdue of the 60s and 70s anymore. Sorry Joey Old/New!

Michigan--OK, it's Michigan, but they've been down for two years and we have them at home after a big win in the opener. Should be a win.

Stanford--Should be a good test. Good team with a good coach. This one could go either way.

Pittsburgh--Wannie could beat Fatso, but no way I see him beating Kelly at home.

Western Michigan--Puhleeessse! Why are they even on the schedule?

Tulsa--See Western Michigan!

Utah--Another tough game. This one could go either way.

So, there are two, maybe three, tough home games out of seven. 2-1 in those three wouldn't surprise me at all, but let's say we go 1-2 in those three and finish 5-2 at home.

Away Games

Michigan State--Always a tough game, and I'll be watching this one closely since my son, Johnny, will be a freshman there. Go Spartans, and I'll give a loss here.

Boston College--Just don't see Kelly losing this game. This will be a big game for Kelly returning to his roots. I'll bet he puts major effort into winning this game. ND becomes the best Catholic football program once again!

Navy--No more Fatso. BAMP!

Army--"That Army has a very fine ball club!" Ara after 62-3 win. "That Army has a very fine ball club!" BK after 62-3 win.

USC--I think Kelly will win this game, but for discussion purposes, let's say it's a loss.

So, 3-2 worst case on the road, and 8-4 worse case overall before a bowl game. Still, looking at the schedule and the state of all teams that we play, it wouldn't surprise me at all if ND goes 9-3 or 10-2 in Kelly's first year, and even better could be possible with some luck! ND football will be back!

Bottom line: I'll say 9-3, plus a bowl win!



10-2. Could win every game, could lose 6. I think a combination of existing talent, coaching, and the realization of how good they can be will turn them into a resurgent team by year end. Losses are Michigan State and Pitt. If the Irish go 4-2 in the first six they'll be able to re-group for the stretch run. They'll have time to prepare for the Utes, and if they are 9-2 going to LA they'll be playing for at least a New Year's day bowl, if not the BCS. The Toejams will be looking at bupkus, and the Irish ROLL!!

Coach Sobo


Like last year, we're capable of beating every team on the schedule. A two game improvement over last year really isn't asking for much, especially with games against Army, Navy, Western Mich and Tulsa. ( I know, I know, Navy is good, but...), so 8-4 is well within reach. Very good chance that we'll do better than that, but I'm tempered by recent beatings.

I really don't know who the hell will beat us, but if forced to pick I'd say (1) Michigan State - they're talented and still stronger up front than we are; (2) Pitt - after a tough prior week win at BC; (3) Utah - we're surprised at home by a team that pounded Bama year before last; and (4) Southern Cal - can't get the monkey off our back yet.




Am in an internet cafe checking in for a few minutes and saw these predictions. Will be listening to game from St. Petersburg Russia. Someone has to do it....

Awesome life....From afar....

Your continued King.

PS. 7 and 5 season....



We will beat Purdue, Michigan, Michigan St, Boston College, Western Michigan, Tulsa, Army, USC, and lose to Stanford, Pittsburgh, Navy, Utah for a record of 8-4.

We will go to a Bowl game and win.



The Irish will be drinking boilermakers in celebration after beating Purdue 31-24.

Next, some payback to the Wolverines (35 - 21) after last year's game was stolen from us in Ann Arbor.

We finish the Big Ten portion with a close loss to the Spartans (28 - 24).

The Cardinal and Coach Harbaugh leave Rockne Stadium with a broken wing (31 - 17).

A trip home to Bastan for Coach Kelly brings a win over the Notre Dame wannabees (28 - 21).

The Wannstedt Panthers come close but return home toothless (31 - 30).

WMU gets blown away by the 80,000+ in the stands (45 - 21).

A trip close to the shore trips up a persistent NAVY bunch (35 - 24).

Tulsa goes down (31 - 17).

The utes from Utah suprise us and win (31 - 28).

A return to the NY area beats the Cadets (45 - 21).

We scratch the itch in Calie (31 - 28).

A ten win season has us going Bowling.



The season will depend on whether or not we can stop anyone, not on how many points we score - although if we score enough, concern #1 goes away.... The D last year was a disaster.

Purdue - W the emotion of the first game will be enough to get a win
Michigan W Rich Rod will be 0-2 after this one, and halfway back to the hills
Mich State L this is their redemption game
Stanford L trouble bouncing back after a loss to MSU
at BC W Kelly rallies the troups, i hope
Pitt L Wanny comes in and steals a win
Western Mich W practice for Navy
Tulsa W more practice for Navy
at Navy W we finally break their winning streak
Utah W on a roll after the Navy win
Army W the cadets will spend too much time looking at Yankee memorials
at USC L despite the problems at USC, we cant get it done

8 - 4 and looking for a bowl game since we wont be in the BCS

With an unproven QB, new coach, huge question mark on defense, this record could be a stretch. Nevertheless, I'll be at most home games cheering on the Irish.

there you have it.



West M-W

ND goes bowling and wins it.



My predictions below for an 8-4 season.


West M-W


Okay, I'm in South Bend and I can FEEL it. I can look out the hotel window and see the Dome. Almost as importantly, I can see the stadium. Blue skies with lots of clouds, 65 degrees. Supposed to be the same tomorrow.

Purdue: everybody is jacked. We score a zillion, they score not as many. The Kelly Era starts with a W.

Michigan: a game we should have won last year. This year, they get punished. Another W.

at MSU: we continue to score points, the D gets adjusted, we steal a big road win. W.

Stanford: Good team but we should have beaten them last year in Palo Alto. Tight game, we find a way to win. W.

at BC: Not a vintage BC team but they're always up for the Irish. We kick their Jesuit asses. W.

Pitt: Another really good team. They've had our number recently. They still have it. Our first loss. L.

Western Michigan: We're pissed at losing to Pitt. We take it out on the Woodchucks or whatever the fuck their nickname is. W.

Navy: Shades of Ara and Lou. They score but we score a lot more. W.

Tulsa: Our buddy, Bubba Cunningham, is the AD at Tulsa. His kid is a student at ND. Student schools daddy. Another win. W.

Utah: Who would have thought this would be a big game when it was scheduled? Points galore. We find a way to win at the end. W.

Army: Ah, Yankee Stadium. Not even the ghosts of yesteryear will save the Cadets. A major ass-kicking. W.

USC: They still have better talent but we're in their grill most of the game. They find a way to win at the end. L.

There you have it. 10-2. Anything above 8 wins should be considered a successful year, IMHO. Kelly may be in over his head but I'll bet a few folks said the same thing about Ara. Time will tell. Go Irish!! TE


0-12 and Gabes is screaming for Charlie to come back by the end of the season -- Andy

After reading Ikey's report, I've changed my mind. My prediction is 12-0 and a NC Bowl win.