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Foxes Complete Double Header Sweep - Win Roto Baseball 2010 Crown

Posted: 2010-10-12

The Red Foxes franchise, hot off their recent victory in the roto golf league, nosed out the defending champion Panzas for the 2010 roto baseball crown, with the Ballbusters and Mazins tying for 3rd place and the final money spots ...

The Foxes team, notable for its lack of even one closer, was anchored by MVP caliber years from both 2nd round pick Miguel Cabrera and 10th round pick Josh Hamilton. Also crucial were the 68 steals from 11th round pick Juan Pierre.

Solid play by all members of the Foxes was needed to hold off the hard charging Panzas who made up a five point deficit in the last two weeks of the season to take a brief lead with just two days remaining. As Albert writes:

"Back in June or so, Ike Davis hit what may have been a HR w/ the bases loaded. Umps called it foul... Went to replay, and umps ruled that it passed in front of the pole, not around it. May have grazed the darn pole as it went past on the foul side, it was so damn close. But, by inches, it was ruled a foul ball. I remember saying at the time... "Too bad... a Grand Slam and 4 RBI would have been nice".

Who knew at the time HOW nice? Fox beat me by 1.5 points total... and topped my by three measly RBI. Had Davis' ball been fair, I would have picked up two points in RBI and won by one half point.

Great race, and congrats to Fox for his win."

The final standings were:
Foxes 68.5
Panzas 67.0
Ballbusters 62.0
Mazins 62.0
Paper Cutters 54.5
Tamales 43.0
Bombers 40.5
Leathernuts 35.5
PussJackers 31.0

Congrats to all for participating. Special thanks to Hans for doing a great job with the stat site.