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Irish Beat Purdue in Opener

Posted: 2010-09-05

Some of our comments before and after the 2010 opening game victory for the Irish in coach Brian Kelly's first game: Okay, I'm in South Bend and I can FEEL it. I can look out the hotel window and see the Dome. Almost as importantly, I can see the stadium. Blue skies with lots of clouds, 65 degrees. Supposed to be the same tomorrow. Purdue: everybody is jacked. We score a zillion, they score not as many. The Kelly Era starts with a W ...

... I'm close to South Bend .. 60 miles east in a holiday inn .. you could bottle this weather and label it "Football Season" .. as the sun was setting and I looked west I could see shafts of sunlight spreading from the sky shooting down through the otherwise darkish horizon to land on what I can only assume was South Bend .. I do think I caught a brief reflection off of something golden gleaming in the distance ..




The Longest March .. Begins with a single step! That step was taken today. The score was closer than the game. Did you ever feel we were in real danger of losing? I didn't. If Floyd doesn't fumble the touchdown pass, and if there wasn't a missed assignment on the safety, the final score could have been 30-3.

As I expected, good coaching provided solid performances from the offense, defense and special teams. Adjustments were made throughout the game, especially at halftime on defense. The inexperienced offensive line blocked well, and Allen and Wood ran hard. Tackling was crisp on defense, by the line, the backers, and the secondary. I thought Walls and Gray were really tough. Crist needs to mature, no doubt, and I believe he will each week under Kelly. Most impressive thing to me was how the off season conditioning has the whole team tougher in the second half. I'll again give that to coaching. BK was also much better when interviewed than the arrogant Fat Fucker, and we now have a coach who can run on the field with the team!

All things considered, it was a good start, and one I expected. Still room for growth, but I'll be shocked if this team doesn't get better every week. I think BK is the best hire ND has made since Lou.



Tee shirt seen today:

Got rid of the belly
Now win with Kelly



Another great one

The Irish drink Boilermakers for breakfast!



Such bullshit, Gabes! All this commotion over CW and this is the result? This?

Consider that... [editors note .. I think a lot of this was just John attempting to get Gabes' goat.]

ND didn't pass for 200 yards. Pathetic. The commitment to run-pass balance almost cost ND the game for cryin out loud. All those runs for 12-14 yards ... When we coulda been passing for 15 to 20.

ND barely had the ball. Cincy finished dead last in time of possession last year and ND will be close to that this year. Tempo, my ass. I know... Here's a great idea... How about we let the other team have the ball most the game.

ND doesn't seem able anymore of throwing the ball long and up for grabs every other pass. I guess our guy has no arm or the coaches no imagination And how boring is that? ND seems content to keep throwing midrange passes to all sorts of guys we never heard of. How many different guys touched it? The vertical game is on a respirator. And what? No fade route on every other red zone play? Unpredictability inside the 20? Like that's gonna work...

The O LINE? How about that safety! You call that coaching? They had all spring and summer to get that blocking scheme right. Amazing

The D was EXHAUSTED as the game went on. That Purdue QB nearly had the game tied at the end. Two long passes Purdue nearly caught..

23 points? Pale. Tepid. Squishy. All that high tempo spread commotion and in the end be grateful ND has a kicker this year.

Finally. Kelly showed no swagger at the end... No arrogance... No edge. Instead he seemed happy with being simply lucid. He said something about "cleaning up a few things". I guess one thing he's good at is understating the obvious.

Wow Gabes... You really are lost.



Well, well, well the Grass Fairy is alive after all! Welcome back, sweetie!







Dude could na shine Harry Oliver's shoes....



Johnny GF,

Forgot to mention another telling stat. ND had only two penalties yesterday. TWO!! One of those was on the special team. Not bad considering BK has installed a whole new offense, and one that doesn't huddle. Very impressive! That's discipline, pal. That's coaching. The Fat Fucker's teams often had seven, eight, nine penalties each game. The difference between BK and the FFFF is discipline and coaching! That, and about 200 pounds!!!!



I thought I was a little crazy driving all the way out there for a 3 hour game but I had a blast and even enjoyed the drive. And drinking your beer. I won't tell everyone how you first anchored that tent by tying it to the handle of a beer cooler and then discovered that the handled pulled up to allow easy dragging of the cooler .. or how after fixing that the cooler's value as an anchor decreased quickly as the beer bottles were removed!!

The sunlight shooting down on the horizon that I saw .. and I wasn't kidding .. well, Ike told me that a few minutes into the pep rally Friday it got very dark, drizzled briefly and then a hole opened in the clouds and bright sunlight shone down .. hahahah .. so I was right it was South Bend .. of course I think it was just coincidence but makes a good story and in fact I was happy to get the W and although for a minute it looked like we might blow out the Boilermakers in the end they hung tough and as Kelly said after the game we need to put people away when we get a chance and I would approach the next few weeks very cautiously .. not sure why I feel that .. maybe because the QB is coming off a major knee injury so you have to wonder about his ability to run .. didn't seem like the defense paid him any attention as he faked run after run after handing off the ball .. and his passing stats might look ok but .. i don't know .. like john said mostly boring flair outs and i didn't see great accuracy .. cautiously optimistic going forward ..