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LMS XVI: Week Sixteen - The Animals Continue to Celebrate in their Cages with Visions of Victory

Posted: 2009-12-29

THE VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER was decorated with the usual festive Christmas lights blinking outside, as the familiar mellow sounds of Sebastian Cabot played on the RCA Victrola inside for THE ZOOKEEPER and the dog, Victor, while the 12 inch Zenith (now with digital adaption) played a continuous loop of Jersey Shore re-runs. The Muscatel jugs were lined by the chimney with care...

...and the government cheese boxes strewn about were sure signs that a long winter's nap would soon be here. It was just another Christmas night after yet another long season for THE ZOOKEEPER. The Bronco cages now cleaned had taken LMS XVI down to a nearly manageable 494 remaining animals with two weeks to go. Disappointed that Santa had not delivered on the coveted auto check writer and the Pitney Bowes mailing machine he had hoped for that morning, THE ZOOKEEPER was still thankful for the gifts that he had, including the $148.72 in postage savings that animal RUM TUM reminded him of from Bronco cage cleanings. After a long year of emptying the messes out of nearly 6200 cages, he was still optimistic that the final two weeks would continue to provide much excitement for the remaining wannabe football genius cages, while many of the second place onlookers scoffed at how this year had somehow become too easy. (You know their type - they mostly have (or have had) mullets - it's a life style thing.)

In the other world, politicians continued to wrangle over pathetic legislation meant to address serious problems while Nigerian terrorist burned themselves up on airplanes and crazy loons bull rushed the Pope. Such is the world of the sane. THE ZOOKEEPER was content knowing his arthritic suffering was a small price to pay for the sanity of his world in exchange for that one. As a Christmas gift to all of the animals, he wished them all peace in their cages and a heartfelt 'thank you' for their continued participation in this, THE WORLD'S GREATEST FOOTBALL POOL. For those of you who missed the Thanksgiving sending ( wonderful animals, but simple ones), the list is once again provided as up to date with over 450 places/people who have benefitted from this pool over the years. This world of ours is often a welcome relief from all others. Here are your mind relieving numbers for the week:

6183 OUT, 15 DQ'D, 494 IN. 149 PACKERS from the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field, 111 CARDINALS, 83 49ERS, 75 SAINTS, 26 BENGALS, 14 NEW YORK FOOTBALL GIANTS, 8 COLTS, 8 FALCONS, 8 EGGLES, 6 COWBOYS, 6 PATRIOTS

PICK OF THE WEEK belongs to nobody but The Field this week. Nobody stepped up to the challenge outside the box to claim their sole shot on this one. WEEK SEVENTEEN looms on the horizon and the animals are showing fear and weakness. It could get interesting.

That's all for this week. Check them well, animals - wouldn't want to have a mis-step at this stage. Travel the holidays safely. R.I.P. homage goes to George Michael, Col. Robert L. Howard, Carol Post, and Top Cat. Peace. Out.