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Roto Baseball 2009 Crowns Danza's Panzas

Posted: 2009-10-17

The Panzas rolled in 2009. Power was the name of their game. Power hitting and power pitching led the way to an impressive 71.5 points, the most since the Ballbusters scored 72 in 2006 (in an 11 team league). I'll let Albert tell the story in his own words, humble fellow that he is

"My Panzas built on last year's strong finish, stayed healthy, and basically got lucky. Mauer and A-Rod were very dnagerous picks given their health in March. But Mauer was likely the pick of the year... And having Pierzynski as my second catcher gave me amazing BA and production from the catcher slot.

Cano had a terrific comeback year as well... Might be the best 2b this year, w/ .320, 24 HR, 100 R and 80 RBI. I expected Texeira tpo be good... And he was VERY good. I expect some Hrs from Adam Dunn.... But 38 dingers, w/ 103 RBI and a .273 BA waqs a LOT more than I could have hoped. And while SBs and Saves were not strong suits... Where would I have been w/o Crawford's 59 SBs or Fuentes 44 Saves? Those would have been disasters w/o those two.

Verlander had a great comeback year.... Matt Cain was a great (lucky) pick. 30 wins and 400 Ks between them w/ an ERA just over 3.00. That allowed me to survive the loss of Santana... And I got some nice work from Arroyo and deLarosa as late season stand ins.

More lucky than good.... I know that. But it's good to be lucky."

The final standings were:
Panzas 71.5
Leathernut 59.5
Ballbuster 56.5
Bombers 54.0
PussJacker 48.0
RedFoxes 44.0
Cutters 44.0
Expectorat 41.5
Mazins 39.0
Tamales 37.0

Congrats to all for participating. Special thanks to Hans for doing a great job with the stat site .. hmm, and I guess also for waking up the sleeping Nuts with a reminder midseason about making moves .. and move they did, all the way to 2nd place!

Wait till next year!