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2007 Roto Golf Draft

Posted: 2006-12-21

Reminder from Gabes concerning upcoming draft.


Just a reminder that the 2007 RotoGolf Draft will begin one week from today on Tuesday, December 26th. Andy has the first choice. With only seven guys drafting, I expect this to go pretty quickly, so Andy don't worry about having to get up early on the 26th to post your pick. Any time that morning would be great. Please make sure your draft buddies know how to reach you since I assume many of you will be at home between Christmas and New Years.

I'll only be in the office on December 27th. I'll be working at home or out and about the rest of next week. Try me in the office during the day on the 27th (847-405-0500). The best bet to reach me the rest of the time next week will be my cell phone first (847-778-3797), or at home (262-553-3639). As always, I plan to monitor email closely during the draft, so post your picks that way whenever possible.

Once again, the draft order is:

  • Andy
  • Al
  • Fox
  • Jack
  • Hans
  • Gabes
  • Sobo
Best wishes to you and yours from me and mine for a very Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy and prosperous 2007!