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Navy wins 46-44 in triple overtime

Posted: 2007-11-06

November 3rd, 2007 - It was a beautiful day for football in South Bend.

The fly over by 4 Naval fighters was awesome. An ND alum piloted one of them. NBC may have shown this, but it could never be as good as the real thing. Was this going to be the highlight of the day?

Prior to the start of the game, the stadium announcer asks for a moment of silence for the brother of Robert Hughes - that we knew about, and also for Ryan Shay, ND alum and track star that died while participating in the Olympic Marathon trials that MORNING. very sad. but I did think, as long as we are remembering these two, lets also remember all the Naval personnel currently fighting for us, all around the world, but I digress, and we've got a game to play.

ND actually ran the ball fairly well. You don't have to remind me that it was Navy we were playing - undersized and nearly the worst against the run in the NCAA. Our offense has been even worse, so any spark did please the fans. Fast forward to the second half. We maintain a 21 - 20 lead and get the ball back. How did we get this lead, running. So what does Charlie do on the next possession, he throws on first down, and on second. That second down play was the strip and fumble return for a TD by Navy. I commented at that time..... why were we passing????? One of few bad decisions by our coach. But the decision to go for it on 4th and a bunch from the Navy 24 with 45 seconds to go is a decision I will question forever. Yes, I did BOO at the call. today's paper even commented on the boos - was it obvious on TV? did the announcers comment? I looked at the flags, knowing the winds had been from the Northwest all game - but they are relatively quiet. In the post game comments from Weis - he said is was 'simple' - the kicker had trouble BEFORE the game and the winds were a concern. Bull shit. Give the kid a chance. he wouldn't have done worse that the offense on that 4th down.....

And finally, the 2 pt conversion. Everyone around my seat knew that with Travis Thomas in the game, he would get the ball. g'night.

Regarding Weis' comments about the 43 game streak - his response about the team and the loss being a bigger deal is OK with me. Sure, complement Navy, but our concern needs to be with this year's team, not some record. It is great to be at the game and interact with the opponents fans. Navy fans were class, just like the academy itself and their team. The same CANNOT be said about many visitor fans.

I was upset that we lost, and yet I was happy for Navy and glad the record is done. I feel bad for the students - mostly the seniors - this is a bad way to go out, and the freshman who haven't yet experienced a thrilling comeback, or for that matter any kind of a win at home. Also for the players. They are young, as has been pointed out. They will be a year older and a year wiser next season. Reports say they'll even get some quality help. But remember, most freshman will not make a positive contribution right away. The coaching staff is a bigger question mark than the players. Can they teach simple blocking and tackling? I have seen no sign of this in 2007.

Don't get excited about the 10 year contract. Easily bought out at the right time. I don't see any changes at the top during the off season, but the assistants (offensive line among others) will change. This season sucks. I'm lucky enough to live close enough to go to the games. The thrill of the entire experience - the band, student cheers, etc, never gets old.

Losing gets old and if this doesn't change, heads will roll, but not just yet. I feel it is too close to the Ty firing, and how it was handled - not to mention the projected recruits. Charlie's grade so far this year - F. I am sorely disappointed with our pathetic performance.

Next Saturday, I'll be on hand to cheer for a victory against Air Force, as well as the final home game against Duke. We all went to the greatest university. Fortunately the core of Notre Dame is a lot more than football, and it always will be.