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Touchdown Twin Wrote A Book

Posted: 2007-02-19

If you were one of the many who figured he would never even read a book - Phil H. has done you one better.

Phil Hawley's debut novel, STIGMA, will arrive in bookstores on Tuesday, February 27.

STIGMA is a medical thriller, and itís the first in a three-book series being published by HarperCollins. To learn more, visit the book's website. (Yeah, thatís right. The guy who can barely find the on-off switch on his computer has a website!)

If you enjoy reading fiction, especially mysteries and thrillers, think about taking a trip to your local bookstore on or after February 27 and picking up a copy of STIGMA. The paperback sells for $7.99.

When I told Phil that he would appear in Cyberzahm News, he responded: "If I make the New York Times List (something that hadn't occurred to me as even remotely possible until this CyberZahm opportunity arose), I'll give most of the credit to you!" Obviously a wise man.

P.S. The young nurse with the tight white blouse, short white skirt, whose full red pouty lips contrast nicely with her wavy waist length dark auburn hair didn't do it.