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New Cyberzahm Site Unveiled

Posted: 2006-12-23

The new Cyberzahm Site was unveiled to wide acclaim on Christmas Eve, 2006. It features all the interesting info that has become a staple of Cyberzahm, plus many exciting new features.

The home page displays a random "interesting" quote and a random image upon each visit. The initial database contains 112 potential quotes and 15 potential images for the random selection - these will be added/subtracted as time goes by. Please submit potential quotes/images to the webmaster. The sleek new design also includes news and events sections - and again all cyberzahmbies are invited to submit items for these sections. All should note that the Zahm Hall image in the upper left, visible on all of the site's "web" pages, acts as a link back to the site's home. The main menu in the left border also persist throughout the site, although the lower menu may change depending on where you are. Some sub-sites (roto baseball, roto basketball, images, and reunions) have not yet been moved to the new server - they will remain available on the old site until moved. Meanwhile, be sure to check out the Roto Golf sub-site, featuring increased support for the Roto Golf league.