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After many years of refined fantasy baseball and golf seasons, the distant rumbling of RotoNASCAR, a game so foreign to CyberZahm culture that it could only finally break into the schedule to counter the relentless political banter, broke into the ranks of CyberZahm fantasy with a roar. Much educating of the masses was required. Zahmbies had to be convinced that NASCAR drivers drove around “oval” tracks, not circles, for instance. Finally after persistent prodding by the self-appointed Judge J, eight brave pioneers of fantasy games joined in the inaugural season (2014) with a throwback to simpler rules and un-automated draft and game play. The result was a new distraction from the daily drudgeries of life and a new fantasy medium for poking fun at our old dorm-mates.
Some drivers need to be reminded that NASCAR tracks have an Oval shape:    An Oval track
Not a Circular shape:    A Circle track

2016 Season

Note- RotoNASCAR is having a timeout. The drivers are relaxing and the cars have fuel stabilizer in the tank.
Stay tuned...

2015 Season

Final 2015 Standings Points Weekly Drags
1 - Guzzlers (Mags) 2653 4
2 - Spoilers (Jack) 2542 3
3 - Rednecks (Hans) 2520 2
5 - Caliper Kids (Andy) 2515 2
4 - Lug Nuts (Prep) 2458 2
7 - Radiators (Ter) 2410 4
4 - Red Foxes (Fox) 2345 4
8 - Pit Bullies (Gabes) 2340 6

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Last Results
   Week 27 Results


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2014 Season

   Draft Results

Schedule and some Weekly Reports
   Week 1