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We the People of CyberZahm, in order to form a more perfect re-Union of great friends, establish Justice through busting the balls of those too big for their britches, insure the end of boring domestic Tranquility, provide for the Commoners enjoyment of daily defense and offense, promote the general Blessings of our youth and a good busting for all who enter into our roto world, do ordain and establish this CyberZahm Rotisserie Baseball League because we have little else to do that matters as much and need to remember that.

Therefore, let the word go forth from here and now that the Founding Fathers, hereafter known as the Founding Sad Sacks, and their Belated Brothers, hereafter known as Life Long Sad Sacks, have gathered to wager on those lucky enough to touch their toes on sacred pillows.


2021 Season

Note: See the CBS Site for standings, the draft, moves, etc.

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