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La Dolce DeVita

La Dolce DeVita

October 2002

Dave did a great job planning the 2002 get together. Here are both the original pre-reunion plans and the final schedule. The man has such an eye for detail and the ability to put plans into action that the plans themselves invoke great memories of the sweet life of our reunion:


But don't fear ... in addition to the planning records we have several commentaries on the festivities:

Andy's ABCs

Willo's too

Fox ties up loose ends

Here are game notes:

        Notre Dame 31    Stanford 7

And before we get to the photos, a sincere set of thanks to our organized host:


Special thanks to Dave's sister for letting us use the cottage by the lake.


Follow this link to the CAPTION CONTEST page. Send me your best shots at captions for the photos on this page. The best submission for each photo will get to see their caption presented on Cyberzahm for all time, assuming its not too racy. The overall winner gets a free trip to Reno in February.


I have images from me, Ike, and Andy. I know there were others snapping photos. Pick out your favorites and pass them on, and I will post for the enjoyment of all. Photos are arranged by "event" and by the camera owner, with the number of photos on the page shown in parenthesis. I took the liberty to use Photoshop to reduce the file size and to crop a photo here and there. 

Hanging Out


Thursday Dinner


Friday Dinner

The Cottage

Game Day