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CZ Indy Boil III

September, 2016

Jack organized a great long weekend built around golf and football and enjoyed by Al, Fox, Hans, and Billy.

Wednesday night arrival by Billy, Fox, and Albert, Amy's birthday, drinks, and visiting.

Thursday drive to campus (thanks Jim Perrine) for the Senior Alumni Golf Tourney at times through pouring rain. Miraculously the clouds part as we arrive. Fox takes a walk around campus while the rest of the crew enjoys Warren's nice practice facilities. Jack makes sure all of the sponsor signs are displayed, including LMS and Cyberzahm signs:

Jack, Albert, Bill, and Al play the scramble together. Fox acts as leadoff hitter and manages a number of good safe shots to set the table, none of which were ever needed because Billy is whomping the ball off the tee and Albert is dialed in on the approaches even when the rest of us have left it completely up to him. Jack takes charge on the putting green and after 10 holes we are 8 under (3 pars, 6 birdies, and an eagle courtesy of a 220 yard approach shot to a protected par 5 green that Billy hit to within 10 feet of the pin Tin Cup style throwing down a second ball after his first attempt came up short saying "using a mulligan I can make this shot"). We only gain 1 more shot to par the rest of the way as the laws of probability catch up to us.

Golf is followed by drinks and dinner (barbecue!!) and a great show by an ND a Capella group. It was kinda corny but also very cool when the group hit the first few notes of the Alma Mater and the entire room sprang to feet, locked arms and started swaying back and forth. Was even cooler when a few minutes later they announced that our 9 under had won the tourney .. gift certificates all around!

Hans succinctly captured the events of Friday and Saturday in his thank you note addressed to Jack:

Here's a shout out to Jack (and Mary Kay) for wonderful hospitality this weekend. I enjoyed seeing Al, Fox and Bill as well and want to congratulate the four of them for winning the NDSA golf tournament on Thursday. Well done men!

Watching the PGA pros play Crooked Stick on Friday was fun. They sure can play. We did get out a little later Saturday AM at Jack's club - Highland, and got in 11 holes before the rains returned. This, though, enabled us to get back to the Leicht's in time for the ND kickoff. It has been a while since I've watched an ND game with the group and was not surprised to find most everyone as critical as I can be of the team. We did win.

Hopefully everyone had safe travels home. I look forward to our next gathering and hopefully even more can attend.


And here is Albert's note:

Allow me to echo Hans' sentiments, especially re: the hospitality of Jack and Mary Kay, off the charts. Accommodations were top shelf, and I love Fox suggesting that they shouldn't down size, he likes the place as is. Smiles. We just needed to play one more golf hole, as it killed me to hand over $10 to Fox on our close out bet that ended early. Smiles! Actually 11 holes was more than we bargained for that day, all a bonus.

And Billy's:

Ditto on Han's and Al's sentiments about Indyboil III. Just a super weekend from my point of view. Mega thanks to Jack for organizing everything, and to MK for putting up with a bunch of old ND farts by cooking and cleaning all weekend! Thanks also to Jim for chauffeuring us to and from ND in the rain and also around Indy to the BMW and back. And I'd be remiss if I didn't thank Sue Ann for being MK's sous chef, dishwasher, gofer, and girl Friday. Good luck to you and Jim in your new home! And thanks to my three golf partners on Thursday for not laughing too hard when I tried to approach the greens with my irons. I'm just not used to hitting off flat ground! Till next time guys, all the best.

Fox echoes all of that .. was a great long weekend!