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CZ Dance

CyberZahm - Dance with Hans

September 2000

Andy, Albert, Dave, Gabes, Hans, Fox, Ike, Jack, John, Prep, Sobo and Willo got together in the environs of Chicago, with a few guest appearance from other good friends, as Hans orchestrated an extraordinary reunion.

Special thanks to Pat Kelly for arranging golf at Butler National and providing access to the Sox Skybox. These venues really helped make the get together one for the books. Atta guy Pat!!!


  • Accolades and thanks
  • Fishing plans: Gabes describes his ever changing fishing plans.
  • Andy's epic A: with photos inserted by Fox. This version might take longer to download, but it includes many (not all) of the photos that are linked to below. Most of the photos have been shrunk here - to see them in all their glory, follow the links below or just use the Photo Galleries link on the left menu. 
  • Andy's epic B: All three installments of the epic recounting of the long weekend in the Chicago environs, but no inserted photos.
  • Fox's notes: Recalls a few of the things that Andy left out.
  • Willo's improvements: Suggestions to improve reunions.
  • This and that: Starts with Prep's "best of" list and includes comments on John's attire, opinions about Hillary, and making fun of Al's golf game!

Notre Dame 23   Purdue 21

Recap | Box Score | Quotes | Notes

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Blue Jays 6, White Sox 5

Recap and Box Score


Lots of cameras at this reunion. Photos are arranged by the camera owner (although Fox borrowed his from Ann Marie - thanks) and by day. I took the liberty to use Photoshop to improve brightness and contrast, crop a photo here and there, and add a couple wrinkles if the spirit moved me. In fact, you can scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and check out four versions of one of the fishing pictures - which do you like? - fox.

First a look at our gracious host and organizer:

Hans: "Welcome to Chicago" 

And a ChiSox welcome to CyberZahm - photo courtesy Ike!



Wednesday night at Gabes':

Thursday Fishing:

Friday night - White Sox sky box ... living large!

Saturday at the ND/Purdue game:

  • John, Willo, and Fox - great seats for the class of 73 ...thanks Dave.
  • Great view - from the great seats.


Wednesday night at Gabes'

Thursday Fishing

Thursday night - casino

Friday Golf

Saturday night at Hans'



Thursday Golf

Friday Golf

  • Terry, Prep and the gallery: John (the worm hunter) and DD
  • Gary genuflecting in thanks for his great front nine
  • Jack and a beautiful course
  • Ike lining up putt just off 18th green
  • Another view of Andy's chip
  • Hans looks confident

Friday Night



Friday Golf

  • Ike takes fourth swing from first tee

Friday Night in the Skybox

Saturday's trip to South Bend


Fox's Photo Experiments - which image do you like?: