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Cyberzahm - Andystock

Reunions - Andystock

October 1996

Also known as The Lovefest by the Lake. Andy, Albert, Fox, Willo, Gabes, Preppy, Double D, and Hans, plus a host of others, gather at a vacation home on a lake about 30 minutes south of South Bend for a long weekend that includes the undefeated Irish taking on the undefeated Buckeyes. Irish lose but we still win.



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Fishing - Andy steers us straight to Andystock on the Lake
Pat Conley, Gabes, and Andy start the boat
Wild and crazy guys
Fifth viewing of Friday night SportsCenter
Golf - First Annual Cyberzahm Tournament
Willo, Albert, DD, Andy, Gabes, Pat, Hans, Terry, Fox, Preppy
Zahm Hall - Main Entrance - Game Day
Back Row: Willo, Preppy, DD's brother Marty, Gabes' buddy Pat Conley
Front Row: Terry, DD, Fox, Andy, Albert, Gabes